Thursday, August 26, 2010

Today is a tiring day, just came back from school helping mc for teachers' day... well, the gee was quite good, imsomnia was great and there was also never say never :D:D HAHHAAHS!~ hmmm... christie really has the dancing talent 多亏是chinese dance de member :D:D lol... legs are sooo tired and aching ... i think tuesday will be worse, but i think it will be quite fun, teachers' day :P:P I and ada have to run around doing a lot of work and i think i will just fall on my bed once i reach home :) And i am deleting youtube sooo happeh :D finally i came to this choice.. its been such a fun day with ada and meng xian :D we both kept laughing and teasing each other.. and ada is sooo tired i pity her soo much :P i wish i could help her... Haiz.. I am also happy with lots of different stuff, i finally do not feel pain anymore... TIME HEALS MY WOUND>.< Oh god, 7.14 i gtg bb... yog closing ceremony in 16 mins :P:P bb, and kudos to singapore :D:D

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