Saturday, August 28, 2010

Well, today passed quite smoothly, i actually wanted to delete my twitter account too, but i don't know how! EEEK! bleah :P Just finished decorating the teachers' day gifts :) Hope Ms Siti, Mrs Chay, 刘老师 and Mdm Ren will like the pressents :D:D Its been such a hot day and im sweating buckets d: Went to grandma house to eat beehoon in the afternoon, soo delicious!! ITS SOO YUMMY!~ How i wish i can learn to cook soo good like her :P:P Unfortunately, i only can cook instant noodles... And an egg? i think i should be able to fry an egg:P:P I think so :D:D HEHE! Who cares? i will learn all this later after psle :P:P

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