Sunday, September 26, 2010

OMG... i totally forgotten to update my blog :P:P Well, last saturday was mummy's birthday and we went to ang mo kio to eat crab:D YUMMY!~ I love crab BWAHHAHAHA! LoveDieCrabbie :D HEHE!~ Lalallala :B Hmm... Well, today, got back chinese results and i lose to Prof Soh BY 0.5 mark! WTH~ EEKKK :( Mummy :( Hahas... well. nvm. hmm... and my science suck, bklt A: 50/60 ]: Hmm... and i just remembered sth, my group just lost to 紫罗兰!! AHHH! HEHE! Nvm. i think we will catch up soon :) :P:P And we also wrote notes just now during art lesson... And... Err... Nvm. Dun say lerh. Well, later going tuition and before that, gonna meet ah meng to pick up ada :P:P CHEERS ~~ DUN THINK ABT THE BAD EEEKY STUFF :P:P bleah.